Measurable Benefit to Clients

​​ Clarity in business planning and strategic goal setting
Leadership and best practices to the organization
Faster growth rates
Access to valuable strategic partners and key vendors
Flexible pricing
​Long-term relationships 

How Services are Delivered

GID Consulting has the major portion of all services already in place. It also has long standing relationships with key partners that have expertise and experience in specific areas. The Company is continuing to build out its diverse network of consultants and alliance partners in order to offer an even greater breadth of services. The consulting services are delivered on site at the client's location. Each client enters into a fee arrangement (monthly retainer or other) with GID Consulting. In addition, GID Consulting receives a performance bonus based upon agreed growth goals specific to each client.

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Tailor Your Needs

Sales and Marketing Consulting
​Growth Management Consulting Strategic Business Development Recruiting Comprehensive Sales Training Capital and Investment Strategies Legal/Accounting Business Plans and other Strategic Documents